Emergency Relief


Today millions of people are in a state of unprecedented crisis worldwide. We must act now to save those displaced people with much-needed emergency relief; such as food, clean water, healthcare, shelter and rehabilitation.

Minhaj Welfare Foundation is responding to the ongoing conflicts and disasters in Syria, East Africa and other disaster-hit regions. MWF is focusing on both the short and long-term needs of those affected.

Help Syria

The Syria conflict has been ongoing since 2011, with more than 13 million Syrians still in need of humanitarian assistance. Through your support, MWF will continue its efforts to provide food, shelter, and vital services. We are also working to reach Syrian refugees living in nearby countries, increasing our aid to more than 20,000 families.

An estimated 13.2 millions Syrians are in need of humanitarian assistance since the crisis broke out in 2011 Including 6 million children.

We are helping Orphan and needy children in need. This support will allow children to stay in a safe environment and have access to quality education.

Help Gaza

Gaza is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Extreme poverty, ongoing conflict and blockade means that the Palestinians people do not have the necessary care and support. MWF has been supporting the people of Palestine by providing essential aid: including food parcels, access to clean drinking water and scholarships for orphan and needy students.  Through our HelpFeed programme, we are also helping farmers to have the necessary tools to grow their own food so that they can sustain themselves and their families in the long-term.

Help Africa

More than 22 million are affected by the drought in East Africa, and at least 13 million are experiencing severe food insecurity. The drought has caused crops to fail and cattle to die while the lack of clean water increases the threat of cholera and other diseases. Brutal war in South Sudan has driven more than 3 million people from their homes and left millions more in need of emergency food. MWF is providing life-saving aid to prevent the hunger crisis.

19 millions people across East Africa are affected by drought and famine.

Minhaj Welfare Foundation is committed to supporting the people of Syria and East Africa and is asking its donors, supporters and volunteers to donate generously towards its relief efforts; shelter, food, water and medical assistance.

More needs to be done to help those in this very difficult time, here’s how you can help:

Food Pack


Can ensure families have access to emergency food and clean water for an entire month.

Medical Aid


Can buy life saving kits to stop the spread of diseases.



Provide essential shelter for an entire family.

Minhaj Welfare Foundation is committed to making sure your Zakat, Sadqah and Charitable donation reaches the poorest and most needy people on the planet.