Giving Charity Saving Lives


The month of Ramadan (is the month) in which the Quran has been sent down as guidance for mankind containing clear signs (to the straight road) and distinguish (the truth from falsehood).” (Quran 2:185) .

During Ramadan Muslims fast from dawn to dusk, it is also a way to experience how life is like for people around the world who do not have enough food to eat. That feeling, just imagines how many people around the world feel this way all the time out of no choice of their own.

It is stated in the Quran:

“Oh believers! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed for the people before you so that you may become pious.” (Quran 2:183) .

Ramadan is a time of sacrifice and sharing. Many people around the world are facing abject poverty. This Ramadan, it is even more important to support such people. As the Holy Quran reminds us:

“Oh believers! Spend (in the way of Allah) of your lawful and clean earnings and of that which We bring forth for you from the earth.” (Quran 2:267)

This Ramadan with Minhaj, you will reach out with love and care to the most vulnerable people facing extreme poverty – children like Irfan and Abdul (pictured right) who want nothing more than to go to school and have a bright future, so that they too can support their families.

Abdullah and Irfan are both from South Punjab, Pakistan. Like millions of children, they are living in extreme poverty and are left displaced. With your support, we can help change the lives of many children around the world like Abdullah and Irfan, as part of our long-term commitment in helping people rebuild their lives.

This Ramadan with Minhaj, host an Iftar event with your friends and family and do your bit for those in need. Make your iftar more than just about food. Inspire love and compassion for humanity in need around the world, by instilling the true meaning of Ramadan; that of charity and sharing.

Education for All Water for All Orphan and Needy Sponsorship Emergency Relief

Support a cause close to your heart!



Provide a person in need with two whole meals for a day ($8 per person).



Fidya has to be paid by individuals who cannot fulfill the obligation of fasting due to critical illness or old age ($8 per fast)

Itikaf Sponsorship


Support a person sitting in Itikaaf and provide Sahur & Iftar for the last ten days of Ramadan.

Sahur & Iftar


Provide a family of five food and clean water for the entire month of Ramadan

Eid Gift


Share the blessings of Eid with clothing, food parcels and gifts / toys for children.



For those who have intentionally missed or broken their fast. This is to feed 60 people per fast..