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Food Distribution for Syrian and Palestinian refugees

<strong>Minhaj Welfare Foundation distributed hundreds of food packs in Jordan, where many Syrian and Palestinian refugees are staying. This assistance is much needed for refugees living in host communities in Jordan.</strong>

Jordan is currently hosting over 1.2 million refugees, a figure that has continued to rise in the years since the Syrian conflict began. The humanitarian situation has worsened over the years, making it difficult for the Jordanian services to meet the growing needs of the refugees. Hence the intervention provided by Minhaj Welfare Foundation is more vital than ever.

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Minhaj Welfare Foundation provided support to the most vulnerable Syrian and Palestinian refugee families in Jordon who are struggling to have enough money to buy food. Many refugees in communities have been affected by a recent significant cut in food assistance previously provided by the World Food Programme.

Faisal Hussain, Managing Director who traveled to Jordan to oversee the distribution of food items and assess the situation on the ground spoke of the <strong>‘need to do more’</strong>. Speaking about his visit, he said:<strong> “There are a lot of refugees who have moved away from the camps and living in temporary homes. The increasing costs of living and unaffordability to support families is making it difficult for the refugees. More needs to be done to help those in need.”</strong>

<strong>“MWF is looking at both short and long-term support for the refugees living in the region, by ensuring food security for families and shelter for women and children.”</strong> He further added.

Minhaj Welfare Foundation distributed food parcels to over 500 families in Mafraq in preparation for the month of Ramadan 2018. The food parcels were designed to support a family of five for the entire month of Ramadan (Sahoor and Iftaar). They were filled with dozens of essential staples including rice, pasta, dates, flour, lentils, cooking oil, etc (approx. 40 kg).

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