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Heavy rain leaves more than 50,000 homeless in Gujarat, India

On 26th September 2013, heavy rain  left 50,000 people from the Indian state of Gujarat homeless. Emergency teams had to evacuate homes swiftly after the water levels in rivers and dams had risen. 

According to local reports two people died and a dozen or so were seriously injured. Many districts were affected from the heavy rains.  Small villages such as Karjan, Padra and rural areas of Vadodara were worst affected. Rescue operations had to ensure more than 15,000 people from Vadodara alone were shifted to safer places with 24 hours. The impact of the rains has left a huge mark on the infrastructure leaving schools closed.

There was a National Disaster Response Force deployed to manage and monitor relief efforts in the affected areas. Minhaj Welfare Foundation India has also carried out an emergency response to assist those left stranded in nearby roads and rural villages. Volunteers  provided aid and assistance to more than 350 families in a small village near Baroda, Manpur. MWF India was part of an emergency response team and helped people cross the water to safe areas and providing them food and water

The volunteers provided emergency relief packs to families including small food items, water bottles and medical care. The majority of those at risk were old people, women and children. MWF would like to request its donors to support emergency efforts in assisting thousands of people who been left homeless Gujarat.

Donate now to MWF’s general emergency efforts by calling our donations team on +44 (0) 300 30 30 777.