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Minhaj Welfare Foundation holds its Executive Meeting in Oslo, Norway

Minhaj Welfare Foundation UK & Europe held its quarterly Executive meeting in Oslo, Norway on Saturday 23 November 2013. The Executive meeting discussed its previous campaigns (Qurbani and Zakat 2013) and provided its findings and recommendations for future campaigns and projects.

The Executive expressed their gratitude to donors, partners and volunteers who continued to support MWF even in these difficult economic times.


During 2013, Minhaj Welfare Foundation provided humanitarian assistance in Haiti, Pakistan, Syria, Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt, Bangladesh and India and supported various programmes on Education, Health Care and social welfare activities. The Executive appreciated the efforts of Minhaj Welfare Foundation’s staff and its field officers who worked tirelessly to help the poor and needy.


There were some notable and successful campaigns that were organised in 2013. The recent Qurbani campaign ‘Share the Blessings of Qurbani 2013’ saw MWF staff and volunteers sacrificing their time to be with the poor and needy during the days of Eid-ul-Adha. Thousands of families in South Asia and Africa benefitted from our Qurbani distribution program as they enjoined in the blessings of Eid.

Tahseen Khalid, Operations Director highlighted that “MWF is committed to working to prevent its short term difficulties and providing long term means of sustainable development to marginalised communities in the developing world.”


He added, “We are trying to build the capacity of Minhaj Welfare Foundation and develop a strong and committed team across Europe that will help us achieve our goal ‘in helping the destitute of the third world. This is one of the reasons why MWF organised its meeting in Norway, to develop an understanding and working relationship with local members and affiliates.”


MWF held various workshops and presentations with all forums of MQI Norway. The sessions included presentations providing an overview of MWF, its working and future campaigns and projects.