Rebuilding Lives – Supporting Education in Nepal

Rebuilding Lives – Supporting Education in Nepal

The world witnessed the devastating earthquakes in 2014 in which millions of lives were affected in Nepal. The international community came forward to raise much needed funds to help with emergency relief. Years later, there is still so much needed to be done to help rebuild lives in Nepal. A high number of Nepalese still live in extreme poverty, going without the essentials of life; food and water.

During the earthquake, majority of the infrastructure was damaged including roads, hospitals, home and schools leaving many people displaced in a country that is mainly surrounded by mountains and hills.

One of the most notable aspects that we found was that a number of children did not have access to education or were being forced to drop out of school due to lack of schools and classrooms.

Minhaj Welfare Foundation believes that one of the main building blocks to take people out of poverty is education and ensuring that children have access to quality education. This is one of the reasons why MWF has initiated construction and rebuilding of classrooms in a remote village outside Kathmandu.

The school is being built using standard materials such iron, stone and cement. This cost and time effective method of construction is the standard government-approved model for building schools in Nepal. We are working with local partners who will ensure the support of their in-field engineer, guaranteeing an earthquake-proof structure.

Construction recently begun and hopefully by July 2017 we will be able to hand over the school to the local community.

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