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Syria Winter Aid

The worst storm to hit the Middle East in decades has devastating consequences for those displaced Syrians living in makeshift shelters.

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians are enduring winter snow storms with little clothing and any real protection. The high winds, blizzards and freezing temperatures, has been devastating for millions of Syrians displaced from the ongoing civil war who are now living in tents and makeshift shelters,

Children are particularly vulnerable; the really cold weather means that they are most likely to be exposed to pneumonia and other deadly respiratory diseases.

“We are very concerned with the cold conditions many Syrians (internally displaced) will be facing this winter. We have to ensure they are kept warm and are provided food, water and adequate clothing” said Adnan Sohail, Minhaj Welfare Foundation (MWF) Projects Manager.

This week Minhaj Welfare Foundation (16 Dec 2013) will be launching a very special campaign part of its ongoing Syria Emergency Appeal – Winter AID. MWF representative, Faisal Mirza (MWF Holland) will be travelling to Damascus, Syria to help distribute aid in IDP camps which will include food, blankets, heaters, baby milk, and other essentials. We will be providing you regular updates of his visit via the website and our official Facebook page.

But still we know it is not enough without more funding; the humanitarian crises will worsen in coming months. We need your continuous support, please donate to MWF’s ‘Syria Emergency Relief’ campaign and help the people of Syria.