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Thank You for your Qurbani 2016 – Minhaj Welfare Foundation

On behalf of Minhaj Welfare Foundation, we would like to thank all of our supporters, donors and volunteers for their kind support in this years (2016) Qurbani campaign. Thank You, Your Qurbani has helped us to reach thousands of families in the third world.

Just as previous years, the Minhaj Welfare Foundation team’s travelled to the poorest and deprived regions of the third world to distribute fresh Qurbani meat to the less fortunate in East Africa (Somalia and Kenya), Syrian refugees, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India.

Our teams personally travelled to marginalised communities affected by the recent El-Nino drought in East Africa. And our commitment to the Syrian people is still ongoing, with the MWF team on the ground providing Fresh meat to those internally displaced from the devastating attacks which has affected more than 6 million people.

In addition the MWF volunteers, travelled in various regions in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to spend their Eid with the most vulnerable including women and children. MWF delivered fresh meat personally to homes of people ensuring that they can spend Eid with dignity and joy.

Qurbani is a constant reminder of our religious obligation to share the blessings of sacrifice with the less fortunate. MWF would like to thanks all those involved in Qurbani 2016. A message from Swabria (a young girl from East Africa), said the following:

We have waited an entire year for Eid Qurban, this Eid we got double joy; cooked food during Eid day and the second I was able to take fresh meat home. Thank you Minhaj for making this day, a special day